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Why Choose Amerigo General Contractors LLC?

Amerigo General Contractors LLC. is a leader in building and construction with expensive experience and knowledge in modern, contemporary, traditional, and custom home designs. We handle a wide range of home construction projects ranging from building of new homes, renovating existing homes, and remodeling kitchen and bathrooms. We also handle home addition and framing. Not only that, we are reputed in constructing commercial buildings.

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We take pride in our work and strive to enhance the appearance and functionality of a home. Amerigo General Contractors LLC. is the preferred construction and renovation company in Wisconsin. Here is what sets us apart from other construction companies.

Long standing experience

With modern building and construction needs, qualification is not just enough. A reputable building contractor needs to have an experienced team of builders. We have many years of experience— and this is one thing that sets up apart from other construction companies.

We have no hidden fees

There is nothing as frustrating as having to deal with fees and charges you never expected in the first place. When planning for your construction project, you want to get the figures correct. When a contractor does not provide accurate and true figures of the cost of construction, it puts you in an awkward position. This may delay the project or lead to legal suits.

We offer you an estimate that aligns with your budget and construction needs. While there may be some changes here and there, we strive to iron out everything before the project commences. In case we speculate there may be changes in costs, we will discuss it before we start the project. We want to be transparent and honest to our clients.

Unique designs and innovations

We use unique concepts and design innovations in our building work. We re-engineer our team time in time to make sure we are up-to-date with industry standards and conform to the needs of customers and the construction regulatory organizations. We have various home and commercial property designs that our clients can take advantage of. We also offer expertise advice in home and commercial building projects.

Attention to every detail

Any successful residential and commercial building project is founded on attention to details. When a contractor fails to get the details properly, it may result in improper building and construction practices. We want to ensure every project is handled according to the needs of the clients and compliant with the industry regulations.

Customer satisfaction

Amerigo General Contractors LLC. works hard to meet the needs of its customers. We understand your success is our success, and that’s why we give nothing short of quality craftsmanship. During the process of constructing a residential or commercials property, we ensure clear and timely communication.


While some projects may be costly, we are determined to ensure we offer the most affordable price in construction work. We can help you in planning and determining the entire cost of construction so that you find out whether you can meet the expense. Our services are affordable while also ensuring quality construction work is delivered all the time.

Whether you aspire to have a traditionally designed home or a classic and contemporary design, we will work closely with you in every step from planning, through design, to building and renovation.

Our team is highly trained, qualified, bonded, insured, and dedicated in their work. We will never turn our back on you. Regardless of the magnitude of the project and whether residential or commercial, we can handle it. This is what makes us the number one construction company in residential and commercial properties in Wisconsin and the environs.

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