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New Construction

Building a new home or business property is a big investment you are making. Everything has to be done right. Working with the right contractor ensures the project meets your expectations. A new construction project requires a dedicated and experienced team of Wisconsin builders. Amerigo General Contractors LLC.’s approach in building new homes or business properties is based on expertise, experience, and understanding of the building codes.

In every project, we use a wealth of combined skill, experience, and knowledge. We offer design build services ranging from the initial idea of the building to full drawn plan. When handling the project, we ensure full project as well as site management. Our structural approach in handling residential and commercial projects ensures that we deliver in time and within budget.

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In new construction project, improper planning, supervision, and cost estimates can derail the work. That is why we closely work with you and ensure we meet the time limits. We can help you in estimating the cost of construction so that you do not experience problems in financing.

Costing of a new construction is something that needs to be done properly considering that things like material cost may change with time. A delay in project work could cost the owners a lot of money. That is why we push our boundaries to meet the deadlines while also ensuring customer satisfaction and expectations.

A new home is healthier than a used home because it comes with latest design, technology, and materials. It is a smart choice to consider building a new home. We offer the best affordable new construction costs to make your project remain within the budget range.

Do you have a floor plan that you love or some land that inspires you? Then you can count on our services. Depending on your budget and customization of the design, you can get a home designed to your expectations. We can offer you floor plans after examining your lot, or you can suggest to us what kind of floor plan you need.

Everything is customized to your needs and we work with you in every stage of construction to ensure all is right. We will look at the land and talk to you about the house you want to build and how it would fit on the space. Proper positioning of the house in a lot is important and that’s why we consider the pre-construction stage very crucial.

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