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Home Additions

Home addition projects can add value to your home. Whether a sunroom, two story addition, family room, or bathroom addition, they can increase the value of your home. Remodeling a home is one of the big undertakings you have to take. However, with a well thought-out and properly planned home addition, it can pay for itself. An innovatively designed home addition will boost the value of a home and extend its square footage.

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However, not all home addition projects can be handled by every other contractor. At Amerigo General Contractors LLC., we have a specialized team that can handle your home addition project professionally. We will maximize your investment by being keen on details and selecting the best materials to use.

You can combine more space as well as look of a home by building up or even off the existing design. It may be a one room home addition, an outdoor room, a second story addition, or just addition of a bathroom, — all these projects require careful and specialized construction skill.

An expert advice, inspiration, and great remodeling ideas can help you bring up the best addition in your home. We can build additions of any size ranging from a single room to a story. Our team will study the existing design and decide on the best practices to apply.

Our goal is to ensure we create a seamless extension of the existing house and harmonize the design elements and architectural details. A well-done addition is one in which a passerby is not able to distinguish what portion of the house is the original part, and which one has been added. This is something that cannot be handled by every other builder.

We will match every detail to the existing home, take part in the design process, minimize disturbances in time of building, and keep the home clean and tidy. Our home addition team is courteous and will not create disturbances within the neighborhood. In case you need to extend your home up or off the existing design, you may want to Amerigo General Contractors LLC. Our team will visit your premises and conduct a study to determine the best way to go about the addition.

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