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An appropriate foundation is the building block for your home. No home can stand for long if the foundation is inappropriate. A properly installed floor plan and finish makes your home sturdy and firm. No space may be considered completely if the floor plan hasn’t been designed properly. That’s why at Amerigo General Contractors LLC., we will ensure you have the best floor planning, installation, and finish.

We will design as well as install whatever kind of floor you need. From marble, wood, tile, or even stone, we can handle them all. We have years of experience in handling floor installation and repairs. Floors are designed to handle high traffic. Others are designed to offer industrial surfaces such as warehousing.
Remedy Construction Services Inc.
Choosing the right flooring material and having it installed by professionals protects your home or building property. Every floor should properly be integrated with the corresponding structural and control features. Our team can work on any kind of substrate or surface whether concrete, wood, vinyl, stone, porcelain, slab, marble, or tile.

During floor installation, we examine the flooring needs and what works best for your home or office property. In case you are not sure which material to use, we can offer expertise advice based on your budget and preferences. Some property owners love installing naturally looking floor materials will others would want to go for engineered materials or modern flooring designs.

Our team has the expertise and equipment needed to handle the different flooring projects. We do repairs on floors. With time, due to traffic and physical wear of the floor material, you may have to replace the existing one. When you want to upgrade your floor, we can also deal with that.

We want to make sure we transform your home into an amazing space. The floor installation we do will look great and last for many years while being able to handle high traffic flow. Contact us today and let’s offer our expertise at the most affordable cost. No matter what material is in place or its condition, we design and fit all the necessary components from ground up.

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