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How to Handle Your Home Renovation In 2016

A home renovation is a great opportunity for you to add in new themes and upgrades to your home. It is also the time you can handle some of the major repairs like roofing, attic, basement and crawlspace repairs. When you put more focus on your home renovation, you can increase it value and enhance its energy efficiency. You can also enhance its lifespan and create comfort. A renovation can make the space in your home more functional.

Sometimes, homeowners may think that renovating the bathrooms and kitchens adds the most value to a home but this may not always be the case. You may have the bathroom and kitchen upgrades, but if there occurs a leak or moisture infiltrates the space, it means you have to deal with moisture and property damage.

In order to fix the moisture problem, you may have to tear out the newly installed kitchen and bathroom materials or flooring. Therefore, you need to consider the renovation very serious and ensure it address the most important aspects of the home design and repairs, or remodeling work. A renovation work should take care of the main areas.

Focus on roof, windows, attic, and foundation

The roofing structure provides a first line of defense. It will protect the family and property contained in the house from UV light, snow, ice, hail, and wind. A roof needs to be strong and durable while also being able to offer the much needed curb appeal.

The attic area needs to be in good shape. It is one of the most neglected and most overlooked parts of the home. Just like the roof, the attic areas should be inspected and repaired of any defects. Problems with the roofing structure may affect the attic and vice versa. Ventilation in attic area is crucial to prevent problem of moisture damage.

Windows will become defective or lose their insulation. In case you do not have double-glazing and other energy efficiency systems installed in your windows and doors, you may want to consider that.

The foundation is another important part of a home. The strength of foundation determines the structural integrity of a house. A weak foundation needs to be restored immediately to prevent the home from collapsing. Apparently, issues with the foundation may not be easily detected and that’s why you may want to seek help of professional builders to inspect the foundation.

A professional home renovation is needed

A good start in maintenance and renovation of a home is having it inspected by professional building contractors. Even the report and details provided by home inspectors may not offer the in-depth information on foundation and other defects. It may require special tools and great deal of experience to detect some of the foundation issues.

A majority of the issues that remain undetected require many years of experience in building and construction and not just inspection knowledge. Remedy Construction Inc. has an experienced team of builders and contractors who can inspect your home foundation, attic, roof, floors, windows and other parts to identify defects and offer the right solutions.