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May 08 2016 0comment
Remedy Construction Services Inc.

How to Handle Your Home Renovation In 2016

A home renovation is a great opportunity for you to add in new themes and upgrades to your home. It is also the time you can handle some of the major repairs like roofing, attic, basement and crawlspace repairs. When you put more focus on your home renovation, you can increase it value and enhance […]

March 17 2016 0comment
Remedy Construction Services Inc.

Important Considerations When Planning a Home Addition Project

At some point after you have constructed your home, you may want to make some few additions and extensions here and there. They may be some bathroom additions, another story, or a room adjoining to the existing house. Home additions, when not done properly can make the home lose its curb appeal. In case you […]

January 08 2016 0comment
Remedy Construction Services Inc.

What Floor Options Can You Choose When Renovating Your Home

A home renovation helps tackle issues related to defects and damages. It is also an opportunity for you to change the space of the home from ground up. A floor is an important component of a house. It needs to be done properly. In installing the floor, it means you have to start with the […]

August 14 2015 0comment

How To Decorate With Black-and-White

The classic color combination makes any room — from bathrooms to bedrooms — sophisticated, chic, and timeless. From horizontal stripes to graphic floor tile, designers share their favorite black-and-white decorating ideas.

August 12 2015 0comment

8 Paint Colors That Will Make You Rethink White

The power of a white room is stunning—clean and crisp, the neutral palette adds a dose of instant chic to any home. With a never-ending array of undertones and finishes, finding the perfect white paint for your space can be a daunting task. So what’s the perfect formulation for your molding? Your bathroom? How about […]

August 09 2015 0comment

This Century-Old Church Is Now a Cozy Home

Updating a historic home can come with challenges (like hidden surprises behind every demolished wall). So we can only imagine the effort required to convert an old space that was never actually meant to be a house. Luckily, the couple that now lives in this 1896 church had one convenient advantage they’re architects who had […]

March 03 2015 0comment
Remedy Construction Inc.

Female Engineers – Winning with the Velvet Glove

So this blog and others like it have exhausted the facts and figured about women in engineering and how wonderful it all is for us to be there. I want to talk about something I’ve experienced that gave a new spin on why companies should hire and promote female engineers. Not all female engineers will […]

February 27 2015 4Comments
Remedy Construction Inc.

What makes engineering consulting different

Its been a while since I posted – readers will realise that my lull in posts has coincided with my move to Johannesburg and my starting a new job in engineering consulting. The past 2.5 months at my new company have been a whirlwind of excitement. Being thrown into two projects in the midst of […]